Union Establishes Committee to Address Issues Related to Fitness Center


6/30/11:  Last week, Chapter 293 President Greg Gilman appointed a Fitness Center Committee to address issues related to the fitness center at the SEC's Headquarters building. The committee is chaired by Alton Turner, and the other members are Daniel Johnson, Maryse Mills-Apenteng, Jacob Prudhomme and Katrina Wilson. The Union thanks these volunteers for their work to improve the fitness center for their fellow employees.

This committee was formed when SEC employees contacted the Union to ask questions about the SEC's decision to change contractors at the fitness center, and the changes to fitness center services and classes that might ensue as a result of that decision. The committee has been meeting with Liz Hammel, the SEC's Work Life Programs Officer. Currently, they are working together to develop a survey to be sent out to SEC employees that will ask questions about their use of the Fitness Center. The Union encourages you to respond to this survey. And, if you have any other comments or suggestions about the Fitness Center, please email them to Alton Turner at turneral@sec.gov.

In a related matter, the Union's Collective Bargaining Agreement negotating team has proposed that the SEC provide an annual $500 fitness center reimbursement to all SEC employees, including those in the regional offices, to encourage fitness center membership and a healthy lifestyle at the agency. 

 HHHealth and wellness benefits such as the one proposed by the Union are much more than just a way of showing appreciation for employees. They save money. As the cost of healthcare continues to rise, more and more companies are giving their employees ways to prevent illness and reduce health risks through such programs. In the long run, these employees save money for their organization by avoiding costly health insurance claims and taking fewer sick days. Unfortunately, however, SEC management is opposing this modest Union proposal.