Government Shutdown


4/6/11: We at Chapter 293 know that everyone is worried about the very real possibility of a government shutdown on Friday. The Union would like to provide you with detailed information about the SEC's contingency planning, and for that reason we have repeatedly requested this information from the SEC over the past several weeks. However, despite the Union's repeated requests, the agency has refused to provide a detailed briefing to your representatives at the Union. In fact, for weeks we have received from the agency no information at all that is related to the shutdown.

We are extremely disappointed by the lack of information being provided by the SEC to its employees regarding a possible shutdown. During this critical time for federal employees, however, NTEU wants to keep you as informed as possible about the possibility of a government shutdown with up-to-the-minute information on a new web page, This page is your one stop for news, resources and answers to your questions about what a government shutdown would mean for you.  We

If and when we are able to provide any further information about the SEC's plans, we will do so.