String of Successes in 2008


President's Perspective, January 2009: In 2008, Chapter 293 enjoyed a string of successes in its continuing efforts to represent your interests. As we embark upon a new year and a new administration, I thought that it would be appropriate to review a few of the union’s important accomplishments last year:

  • The union won an unprecedented settlement of its five national Merit Pay arbitrations with the agency, securing $2.7 million in damage payments and salary increases for affected employees, as well as important agreements on diversity initiatives at the agency.
  • The union caused the SEC to suspend its illegal and discriminatory Merit Pay system and to fully commit to negotiating with the union over a new, more fair and transparent pay for performance system.
  • The union won a favorable decision from the Federal Labor Relations Authority affirming its arbitration victory in the 2002 within grade increase case, which, when the SEC’s final appeal to the Federal Circuit is resolved later this year, will likely lead to the payment of millions of dollars in back pay and interest to hundreds of affected employees.
  • The union settled a national grievance regarding the Student Loan Repayment Program, ensuring that (i) employees who leave the agency early need only pay back three years of distributions, (ii) employees are not required to make monthly payments to participate, and (iii) employees may participate even if they owe less than $10,000.
  • A new union-negotiated child care center opened at Headquarters.
  • The union won a settlement of a national grievance under the Fair Labor Standards Act, ensuring that hundreds of employees will now be able to earn overtime and receive back pay and damages. Later in the year, the union also won an arbitration victory securing overtime compensation for Securities Compliance Examiners in Grades 11-13 as well.
  • A new union-negotiated 4-10 work schedule went into effect, allowing employees to work four ten hour days each week.
  • A new union-negotiated Expanded Telework Program went into effect, under which employees are working from home three, four and, in some cases, five days per week.
  • A new union-negotiated Leave Bank Program went into effect, providing an additional source of emergency leave to employees who donate a small amount of leave to the bank each year.
  • The union secured a 3.9% federal pay raise for 2009, a full percentage point higher than the raise recommended by the administration.
  • The union attained majority membership in the SEC’s regional offices for the first time.

As we face new challenges in 2009, I would like to thank you for your continued support of NTEU. Our important work is not possible without dues paying members like you.

by Chapter 293 President Greg Gilman