Reminder: Chapter Meeting and Bylaws Amendment Vote on August 6


You can review the notice for the Chapter Meeting and information about the Bylaws amendment proposed by the Executive Board by clicking here: Bylaws Amendment. Ballots for the proposed Bylaws amendment will be collected at the Chapter meeting noticed for August 6, 2008 from 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM EST. At Headquarters, the meeting will be held in the LL Auditorium, and ballots will be collected at there. In the Regional offices, the meeting will be videocast, and ballots will be collected by a designated member at the videocast. If you will not be able to attend the meeting, you may obtain and submit an absentee ballot in advance. In Headquarters, you may obtain an absentee ballot from Veronica Lewis at the Union Office. Veronica is generally in the Union Office in the afternoon. In the Regional offices, please contact your steward to obtain an absentee ballot.