Biel, Fava, Graubard, Hanson and Riaz Receive Awards from Union


4/16/14: Last week, the union awarded NYRO stewards Alix Biel, Carol Fava, Azam Riaz and John Graubard the Excellence in Representation Award and James Hanson the Excellence in Crisis Management Award. They were honored for their tireless representational work on behalf of NYRO employees on a wide range of issues, including the NYRO office restacking, several employee removals, a variety of individual grievances and the egress pad negotiations. John Graubard also received a ten-year union service award.

The awards ceremony took place during the National Treasury Employees Union's National Steward Training Conference. Dozens of SEC stewards, along with stewards from many other federal agencies, attended the conference, where they received training on a wide range of issues, including the new CBA, compensation matters, performance management, representation of employees, litigation updates, etc.

"To receive these awards is an honor and the employees in the New York Regional Office should be very proud to have among them such talented individuals who have volunteered countless hours to make a positive contribution to their fellow employees," Chapter 293 President Greg Gilman said this morning. "I know that I am very proud of my association and work with Alix, Azam, Carol, John and James. They are all extremely giving people who deserve to be recognized for their tireless efforts."