Meet a Member: Chief Steward Katie Nix


Katie Nix is our Chief Steward, and as such, she works with all of the Chapter 293 Stewards scattered around the country. Katie has been a union activist since we first began the drive to unionize in late 1998, and before becoming Chief Steward, she served as a member of the Chapter bargaining team that negotiated our current Collective Bargaining Agreement. Many of you know Katie as a union official, but that is only one small part of her longstanding commitment to making the Commission a better workplace. Katie began working as an examiner in the Division of Corporation Finance in early 1970. When she came to the agency, her mother, Kathleen Chiera (old timers will remember her as “Kay”), had already been working in Corp. Fin. since 1966—and would continue to do so until 1986. In Katie’s own words, her mother “loved working here and so do I.” Katie has held a number of positions in Corp. Fin. over the past 38 years, including Branch Chief. Currently she works in the Information Technology group.

Separate and apart from Katie’s union work, for over five years she has served in the elective position of Chair of the SEC’s Disability Issues Advisory Committee, which addresses issues affecting SEC employees with disabilities. Even with all this, Katie still finds time to serve as an EEO Representative when called upon, and for the past twenty years she has been a member of various Bible study groups that SEC employees attend during their lunch hour.

Katie and her husband Larry celebrated their 35th wedding anniversary last December. A working mother, she has raised two sons and a daughter while pursuing her career. Her elder son, Benjamin, married in April, and her daughter, Kathleen, is currently attending the University of Maryland. Her younger son, Christopher, works in Virginia as a mechanical engineer.

Katie loves cooking, a skill she began learning at the age of eleven when she started cooking for her parents and seven siblings. Another of her interests is gardening, with flowers taking priority, but vegetables and herbs running close behind.

We are lucky to have someone with Katie’s dedication, skills and willingness to serve others as a Chapter 293 official.