NTEU Files Grievance Regarding Change in Working Conditions (2/20/07)


NTEU filed a grievance this afternoon regarding a change in working conditions. Attorneys and Accountants at the Division of Corporation Finance were recently notified that they will be taking on additional administrative duties, including putting together hard copies of comment letter dissemination packages for OEIA. A number of employees have expressed concerns to the union regarding this change, which was effected without reasonable advance notification to NTEU, a briefing, and an opportunity to bargain. Employees are concerned about the impact that this increase in administrative paperwork will have upon their ability to do their jobs, and about the potential concomitant impact upon their performance reviews and merit ratings down the road.

If you are an employee in Corp. Fin. who will be affected by this change, please keep track of the amount of time that you are spending on these new administrative tasks. Also please note any instances where you feel that these tasks may be hindering your ability to get your job done in a timely fashion. This information may be useful down the road.

To review a copy of this grievance, click here.