Did You Remember to Change Your Address with NTEU?


5/11/07: We have all experienced the chaos that ensues when moving. Even a local move entails a long list of address changes involving driver’s licenses, utilities, and notification to friends, family, and your agency of your new address. Entering a change of address with an agency does not result in an address change in NTEU’s records. If you do not notify NTEU of a new address, it will prevent you from receiving a membership card, the Bulletin, and other written communications from NTEU that get mailed via U.S. Mail.

Since the moving process is so hectic, NTEU has devised a way for members to change their addresses directly in our membership records without having to call, e-mail, or complete yet another form. On the NTEU web site, the Personal Contact Information section is located under Union Office. Be sure you are registered and logged in, and then click on the Personal Contact Information menu button. Note: This button will not appear until you have logged in. You will immediately see your own specific contact information. By clicking on the Edit button in the upper corner of the page, you can make changes to your membership record. The changes are immediately saved to NTEU's Membership Record System when the Save Changes button is pressed. This is also a great way to submit your e-mail address to NTEU.