Chapter 293 Remembers Azam Riaz


Chapter 293 is mourning the loss of NYRO manager and former union steward, Azam Riaz, who passed away recently after a long battle with COVID-19. Following is an interview and profile of Azam that the union published in 2008:

This month Chapter 293 Works interviewed Azam Riaz, who is a Chapter 293 steward working in the New York Regional Office.

Azam began his career at the SEC after receiving his MBA from Farleigh Dickinson University seven years ago. He started as a compliance examiner and is now a staff accountant. His job includes conducting and participating in examinations of investment advisors, investment companies and hedge funds.

Azam enjoys the wide variety of work experiences afforded by the examination program at the agency. “My job never gets monotonous, there is always something different arising in our examinations,” he recently noted. During his tenure, he has participated on exams that have involved a number of different issues, including the improper allocation of hot IPOs, fraudulent fee overcharges, and false advertising regarding past performance.

Azam lives in Jersey City, New Jersey across the Hudson from Lower Manhattan, with his wife, Adeela, and their son, Solomon, who is 11 months old. They are expecting a second child soon.

He joined Chapter 293 when NTEU first came to the SEC. Azam’s reasons for supporting the union focus primarily on the importance of balancing his work responsibilities with his family life. “When I first started at the SEC the program here was very rigid in terms of schedule conflicts, pay and benefits, and there was a high rate of turnover. We needed to address issues that affect families, and the union has really done that,” he says. Azam cites pay parity, flexible work schedules such as 5/4-9 and 4-10, credit hours, and less expensive health benefits as examples of the kinds of positive changes the union has brought to the SEC to make it a more family-friendly place to work. “These changes improve our work lives, and make it easier for all of us to raise our families. I have the flexibility to do a good job and spend time with my family,” he says.

During the past year, Azam became a Chapter 293 steward in New York. He wanted to provide assistance to longtime steward Joel Crepea, and also to bring forward some of the issues that are important to NYRO employees. “I believe that everyone should be a part of the union. The majority of the positive changes that you see at the SEC are because of the union. To me, not joining makes no sense.”

During his personal time, Azam enjoys hiking in the mountains and spending time with his family. They recently returned from a visit to Pakistan.