Continuing Resolution Passes the House


 9/29/11: Today, the House of Representatives unanimously passed H.R 2017, a short term CR to fund the government through October 4.  Since the Senate passed the measure earlier in the week, it will go to the President for signature and a government shutdown will be avoided for the time being. 

When the House returns from its recess next week, it will still need to pass H.R. 2608, the longer CR that was passed by the Senate and funds the government through November 18. This needs to be done by October 4.

The revised H.R. 2608 sets spending for federal agencies at the $1.043 trillion limit set by the debt limit law.  It is NTEU's hope that the House will agree to this measure and that federal employees will not have to endure another potential government shutdown scenario. As always, NTEU will stay close to the deliberations.