Gilman and Lewis Visit Atlanta and Miami Regional Offices


In April, NTEU Chapter 293 President Greg Gilman and Vice President Veronica Lewis, joined by NTEU Field Representative and Counsel Tim Welsh, made representational visits to both the Atlanta Regional Office (ARO) and the Miami Regional Office (MIRO).

At both offices, Gilman made a luncheon presentation to a large group of employees regarding various issues, including the current status of the CBA negotiations, compensation issues, and issues related to performance appraisal and merit pay. Gilman and Lewis also responded to a number of questions from employees.

In addition to these lunch and learn events, Gilman and Lewis met with NTEU stewards at both offices to discuss representational matters, and they also met with several individual employees. In addition, senior managers in the ARO met with Gilman to discuss ways to improve labor-management relations at the SEC.

Many thanks to ARO leaders Carole Solloway and Barry Lakas, and to MIRO leaders Talitha Leacock, Drew Panahi and Terry Tennant, who organized these successful events.