Eagles Stun Pats; Chairman Wins "Wager"


In perhaps one of the greatest Super Bowls ever played, featuring a record breaking 1,151 combined offensive yards by both teams (more than 200 yards more than any previous Super Bowl), the Eagles stunned the Patriots at the end of the fourth quarter last night, winning 41-33. As a consequence, NTEU Chapter 293 President Greg Gilman will be donning an Eagles jersey during our next Town Hall to honor his pre-game "wager" with SEC Chairman Jay Clayton. 

"While I thought that wearing a Cox jersey would be humiliating, it is impossible to begrudge the Eagles their due after such an exceptional game," a clearly chastened Gilman noted this morning. "I am sure that many expected a different finish when Brady was handed the ball with two minutes left, but the Eagles clearly had different ideas. Please accept my hearty congratulations, on behalf of Patriot’s Nation, to the Eagles, their fans and the great city of Philadelphia," he added. "Feel free to mock me for now, but I hope we will see TB12 again next year in Atlanta."