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1/31/07: NTEU prevailed on the PLUS Loan Arbitration this week. In a well reasoned decision, Arbitrator Joseph M. Sharnoff ruled in favor of NTEU on all issues. Click here, PLUS Loan Arbitration Decision, to read the decision.
The road leading to this important decision began when NTEU filed a national grievance to challenge the agency's 2005 elimination of Direct PLUS Loans from the list of loans that are eligible for repayment under the Student Loan Repayment Program (click here to review the terms of this popular program). Direct PLUS loans are loans that are taken out by parents to pay... Read more ...
1/31/07: On Monday, January 29, Chapter 293 held a member representational meeting at the Headquarters auditorium which was broadcast to all of the regional and district offices in the SEC. The purpose of this meeting was to provide updates on the status of the ongoing Collective Bargaining Agreement negotiations and compensation issues.
Chapter 293 President Greg Gilman opened the meeting with remarks about the importance of the representational work on the CBA and compensation issues that Chapter 293 is doing for members across the country. He thanked the many employees who volunteer their... Read more ...
1/23/07: Bills have been introduced in both the House and Senate to repeal the Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP) and Government Pension Offset (GPO) provisions of current law. Both of these provisions unfairly penalize federal employees when they retire.
Under WEP, federal employees and retirees who also paid into social security, find their social security benefits reduced by as much as 55 percent just because they receive a federal pension. Under GPO, employees who receive a pension for government service and who are also eligible to receive spousal social security benefits, face major... Read more ...
1/22/07: Along with supporting a bipartisan congressional call for civilian-military pay parity in 2008, NTEU President Colleen Kelley today underscored the need for a fair and adequate pay raise as well. “The 2007 federal pay raise was the smallest in 18 years and widened the damaging gap between public and private sector pay,” said President Kelley. “Fair pay is a crucial element in attracting and retaining the talented employees federal agencies require if they are going to meet the public’s needs and expectations.”
At the same time, President Kelley welcomed the letter to President Bush... Read more ...
1/15/07: NTEU today offered its strong support of bipartisan legislation that would significantly buttress the rights and protections afforded federal employees who bring to light instances of government fraud, waste and mismanagement. The union's support for the measure is in line with its long history of fighting to protect and advance the First Amendment rights of federal employees.
The legislation, S. 274, the Federal Employee Protection of Disclosure Act, was introduced by Sen. Daniel Akaka (D-Hawaii) and Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) with nine bipartisan cosponsors, and is similar to... Read more ...
1/11/07: The NTEU Legislative Advisory Committee (LAC) met in Washington on Monday, January 8, 2007. NTEU legislative leaders from chapters and agencies across the country met to discuss new committee assignments on Capital Hill and NTEU’s legislative program, and to plan the 2007 National Legislative Conference.
NTEU President Colleen Kelley met with the Committee on Monday afternoon to receive their recommendation and report. The committee made several recommendations for legislative action, including continuing work on federal pay, keeping up the fight against privatization of federal jobs... Read more ...
12/15/06: NTEU Chapter 293 prevailed in an arbitration contesting the denial of a career ladder promotion to a 20-year Broker/Dealer examiner. The arbitrator ruled that the grievant must be immediately promoted with one year of back pay.
The chapter presented a number of investigations that the grievant worked on which the SEC had cited in their Step One grievance response as being indicative of SK-14 work. The union also presented testimony of several coworkers (all of which are SK-14) who testified that they often go to the grievant for assistance in carrying out their higher graded duties... Read more ...
12/21/06: It has come to the attention of NTEU that the SEC is sending out notices this week denying the Student Loan Repayment Program applications of employees who requested repayment of PLUS Loans. PLUS Loans are student loans taken out by parents for their children.
NTEU continues to maintain that the removal of PLUS Loan benefits from the Student Loan Repayment Program without first bargaining over this change is illegal. As many of you know, this issue is the subject of a pending arbitration in which NTEU has alleged that the SEC's decision to eliminate PLUS Loans from the program... Read more ...
12/20/06: NTEU voiced concern about a possible yearlong continuing resolution to cover nine unresolved appropriations bills—Defense and Homeland Security have passed—warning that it could leave agencies underfunded and hinder the fight for a fair 2007 pay raise.
Sens. Robert Byrd (D-W.Va.) and David Obey (D-Wis.), incoming appropriations committee chairmen, last week announced their intention to fund the entire fiscal 2007 year through a continuing resolution, after the current one expires on Feb. 15.
While the chairmen indicated that they would address priority funding needs by eliminating... Read more ...
Full text of the October 2006 FSIP Decision on Compensation.
Securities and Exchange Commission
and National Treasury Employees Union
Federal Service Impasses Panel
06 FSIP 54
October 19, 2006

Decision and Order

The Securities and Exchange Commission (Employer or SEC) filed a request for assistance with the Federal Service Impasses Panel (Panel) to consider a negotiation impasse under the Federal Service Labor-Management Relations Statute (Statute), 5 U.S.C. § 7119, between it and the National Treasury Employees Union (Union).
Following investigation of the Employer's request for... Read more ...
12/13/06: Since the 109th Congress only finished work on two FY 2007 appropriations bills before adjourning (Homeland Security and Defense), the incoming Appropriations Committee Chairmen, Congressman David Obey (D-WI) and Senator Robert Byrd (D-WV) announced yesterday their intent to continue the current continuing resolution for the entire 2007 fiscal year, which began October 1, 2006, and will conclude September 30, 2007, so they could be in a position to complete the FY 2008 bills on time.
While the two chairmen indicated that they would try to modify the continuing resolution and will... Read more ...
12/12/06: On December 5 and 6, the term negotiations between NTEU and the SEC continued in Washington D.C. These negotiations marked the eighth set of bargaining sessions since May regarding changes to the Collective Bargaining Agreement. During these sessions, the parties exchanged proposals and discussed the following issues, among others:
Article 6 (Mid-Term Bargaining): Continued discussion of the union's proposal to require management to provide a briefing to the union whenever a change is proposed by management, prior to the union being required to submit written proposals.
Article 7 (... Read more ...
On December 5 and 6, the term negotiations between NTEU and the SEC continued in Washington D.C. These negotiations marked the eighth set of bargaining sessions since May regarding changes to the Collective Bargaining Agreement. During these sessions, the parties exchanged proposals and discussed the following issues, among others:
Article 6 (Mid-Term Bargaining): Continued discussion of the union's proposal to require management to provide a briefing to the union whenever a change is proposed management, prior to the union being required to submit written proposals.
Article 7 (Work... Read more ...
12/12/06: On December 9, 2006, the President signed into law, H.J. Res. 102, the Continuing Resolution (CR) for fiscal year 2007 which will essentially keep the government running through February 15, 2007. Because the Republican-led Congress had not enacted nine of its eleven regular appropriations bills, including the Transportation/Treasury Appropriations bill which includes federal pay, it was necessary to clear this stop-gap measure to ensure that the federal government could continue to operate. Unfortunately, the CR did not address the area of federal employee pay. Therefore, the... Read more ...
11/16/06: In a positive development with respect to the Student Loan Repayment Program, this week the SEC responded to issues raised by Chapter 293 leadership concerning the agency's recent unilateral changes to the program. As a result, the agency is issuing new notices to a number of affected employees increasing their repayment disbursements.
Prior to this week, the SEC denied or greatly reduced the Student Loan Repayment applications of a number of employees who had less than $10,000 in remaining student loan debt. NTEU challenged this change to the program on the grounds that it was not... Read more ...
11/15/06: The Chapter 293 Legislative Committee deals with legislative issues and their application to SEC employees, coordinates lobbying efforts and educates Chapter 293 members about legislative activity.
If you are a member of NTEU (or you are willing to become a member), and you are interested in engaging in communications with your local Senators and Representatives regarding issues of importance to SEC employees, you should consider joining the Legislative Committee. We need volunteers from every office in the country. This is a volunteer position that can be a challenging, rewarding... Read more ...
11/15/06: The term negotiations between NTEU and the SEC continued last week in Washington D.C. These negotiations marked the seventh straight month of bargaining sessions regarding changes to the Collective Bargaining Agreement. During these sessions, the parties discussed the following issues, among others:
Article 3 (Employee Rights): Attempting to modify the requirement that an employee comply with a management order when it conflicts with applicable standards of professional conduct, extensions of filing deadlines when management denies a request to meet with a Union representative.... Read more ...
11/01/06: In an important further development on the Student Loan Repayment Program front, it has come to the attention of NTEU that the SEC is unilaterally imposing further limitations upon the repayment benefits distributed this year to a large number of SEC employees. In its notices to these employees, the SEC appears to be asserting that, if an employee owed between $10,000 and $20,000 when he or she participated in the program last year, this year he or she will only be eligible to receive a payment equal to the amount owed last year, minus $10,000.
The SEC's notices on its new... Read more ...
10/06: The website you are currently viewing replaces Chapter 293's old website. This new site will prominently feature more news on the home page, as well as a great deal of additional content and information. It will be updated more frequently than in the past.
The new site includes a news "Headlines" area, in which new stories will appear at the top of the page. Recent headlines will also appear on the home page, indicating new material that is available on the site. In addition, a new navigation bar with a search feature is available on the left of the site, making it easier to find... Read more ...
10/06: As you know, NTEU had been bargaining with SEC management for a new compensation agreement for months without reaching agreement. Due to SEC management proposals that NTEU believed were in violation of federal labor law, the parties failed to reach agreement on a new compensation package.
In the federal sector, once an impasse in negotiations is reached, the Federal Services Impasses Panel of seven presidential appointees (who are not subject to Senate confirmation) makes a final decision in the matter. Since 2001, the current Panel has consistently ruled in favor of management and... Read more ...
10/06: Chapter 293's Term Contract Bargaining Team, which consists of NTEU Chief Negotiator Jurmell James and Chapter 293 members Greg Gilman, Veronica Lewis, Katie Nix, Dean Suehiro and Simmenetta Williams, will meet with management in Washington, D.C., for further negotiating sessions in early November regarding the terms of our Collective Bargaining Agreement.
During the negotiating sessions in October, the parties discussed the following provisions: Article 7 (Work Schedules), Article 19 (Training), Article 20 (Employee Orientation), Article 22 (Health and Safety), Article 39 (Union... Read more ...
10/06: Chapter 293 President Greg Gilman has named Katie Nix to serve as Chief Steward, and Marshall Gandy to serve as Regional Chief Steward.
Katie Nix is an accountant in the Division of Corporation Finance at Headquarters, where she has long served as a Steward. She is also currently a member of Chapter 293's Term Agreement Bargaining Team, which is charged with negotiating many of the rights and benefits that will be enjoyed by SEC employees over the next few years. Katie will assume the responsibilities of the chapter's Chief Steward, but her primary focus will be upon representational... Read more ...
10/06: President's Perspective – from Chapter 293 President Greg Gilman - The Merit Pay Process
In what has become a late summer ritual at the SEC, the agency recently distributed annual Merit Pay step increases to employees. Unlike in the past, however, this year the Executive Director’s Office sent an e-mail message to all employees notifying them that the overall funds available for Merit Pay increases were limited this year. Some senior managers also have notified their employees that, as a result of the limited funding, although the average Merit Pay increase in prior years was... Read more ...